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Whilst in Adrasan, a boat trip is an absolute ''MUST.'' There are several boats to choose from, all located at the jetty in the middle of the bay. Whether you need to ''chill out'' or get into the party spirit, a boat trip will offer you the best of both worlds. Trips take either direction out of the bay: Turning right, you wiill be taken to Water Island and Five Islands. Turning left you will be taken you to Olympos.

Water Island is a stunning rocky isle with black and white pebbles on the beach which can create a mosaic effect. At one point, an arch cuts right through to the other side and is just navigable by small dinghy. The island has a natural spring which the locals boast has cleansing and healing properties, the boats often take on water for later consumption. A Water Island trıp may also include sailing around Five Islands, five stunning rocks which tower out of the sea - awe inspiring!

Some time may be spent at ''American'' beach or or one of the smaller beaches, very ınteresting as these beaches are not practically accessable on foot.

The trip to Olympos offers stunnıng scenery, wıth amazıng rock formations, and the chance to see some wildlife.

Olympos ıs a very atmospheric place, ancıent buildings are situated within the cliffs of a high rocky valley. A fresh water river runs through the valley into the sea, the water ıs crystal clear and very very cold - even during mid summer! Favourite coves to stop at during the trip include Sizak and Ceneviz, great stopping places for food and drink. The coves are an absolute dream for a refreshing swim. The larger cove, at Ceneviz, was used for one of the scenes in the film ''Spartacus.'' - It ıs very easy to appreciate why it was such an apt choice of location for the film.

All boat trips offer great value for money for the day, you cannot fail to be delighted with the experience!!

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